PokePark 2 Announced for Wii

15 September 2011
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Pokepark Wii Screenshot. Damn Mr. Mime Always Creeped Me Out

PokePark 2 has been announced exclusively for Wii in Japan revealed Nintendo at the Tokyo Game Show 2011.

Throwing game-starved Wii fans a bone with another new title before the Wii U takes over full time and flys overhead like a Nintendo-powered mothership, PokePark 2 will likely be released in December, which will mark exactly two years since the previous game, “PokePark Wii: Pikachu’s Big Adventure“, hit the scene in Japan.

Entitled PokePark 2 Beyond the World, the game will include more than one main character outside of Pikachu, and will also include a four-player mode and more mini-games.

The original game was much the same, putting Pikachu in charge of a Pokemon-themed themepark, full to the gills with minigames to play. This is also one of the few titles where players controlled a Pokemon directly.

Here’s a look at a video of the original PokePark game.

No word on if PokePark 2 will be hitting the West, but considering it is Pokemon and Pokemon sells, there’s a good chance it will be released in America, Europe and Australia before the Wii closes up shop.

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