New Video Game Releases Week 37, 2011

Here’s the list of this week’s game releases. The quiet summer is officially over! Lots of popular releases this week, including: NHL 12, God of War: Origins Collection, Bit.Trip Saga/Bit.Trip Complete, White Knight Chronicles II, and Supremacy MMA.

New on the downloadable games front is:

  • On the PlayStation Store Renegade Ops, From Dust, Elemental Monster: Online Card Game, Ferrari: The Race Experience & Bulletstorm on PS3 & the PSone Classics Pong & Cyberbots: Fullmetal Madness all become available (updates Tuesday).
  • While Xbox Live Marketplace gets Radiant Silvergun, Renegade Ops, Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour (updates Wednesday).
  • The Wii Shop, DSiWare & 3DS eShop‘s games are Mega Man: Dr. Wily’s Revenge, Bridge, Defense of the Middle Kingdom & MotoHeroz (updates Thursday).
  • On Steam this week: Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad, Nancy Drew: Shadow at the Water’s Edge, Hard Reset, Astro Tripper, Sengoku, Cities in Motion: German Cities, and Magic: The Gathering 2012 – Expansion.

The new retail releases are:

  • Balloon POP 2 (3DS)
  • Bit.Trip Complete (Wii)
  • Bit.Trip Saga (3DS)
  • Call of Juarez: The Cartel (PC)
  • Deca Sports Extreme (3DS)
  • Dirt 2 (Mac)
  • Escape the Emerald Star (PC, Mac)
  • Girls Only (DS)
  • God of War: Origins Collection (PS3)
  • Gunstringer (Xbox 360 Kinect)
  • NHL 12 (Xbox 360, PS3)
  • Nicktoons MLB (Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, DS)
  • Penguins of Madagascar: Dr. Blowhole Returns Again! (Xbox 360 Kinect, PS3, Wii uDraw, 3DS, DS)
  • Pucca Power Up (DS)
  • Puzzler Mind Gym 3D (3DS)
  • Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad (PC)
  • Supremacy MMA (Xbox 360, PS3)
  • Thor: God of Thunder (3DS)
  • White Knight Chronicles II (PS3)

NHL 12 launch trailer:

God of War: Origins Collection launch trailer:

Bit.Trip Complete & Bit.Trip Saga trailer:

White Knight Chronicles II launch trailer:

Supremacy MMA gameplay trailer:

What video games are you playing this week?