White Knight Chronicles 2 Walkthrough Video Guide (PS3)

14 September 2011
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This White Knight Chronicles 2 walkthrough will guide you through the beginning to ending moments of gameplay with strategy tips for this PS3-exclusive RPG.

From Japan’s top developer Level 5 come an epic high production RPG with stunning visuals and over 30 hours of original gameplay. This follow up to the original White Knight Chronicles includes new features fans demanded and the return of its signature combination of single and multiplayer role playing. Experience the thrilling finale to the epic battle between light and darkness and awaken to your true calling as you unlock the true powers of the Incorruptus, a giant powerful knight from the ancient Dogma wars.

This game is rated T for Teen. Please note that viewers must be at least 13 years old to watch the videos below as this game includes Mild Language, Partial Nudity, Suggestive Themes, Use of Alcohol, Violence.

Index of White Knight Chronicles 2 Guides:

White Knight Chronicles 2 Walkthrough

White Knight Chronicles II, the sequel to White Knight Chronicles: International Edition, is an epic role-playing game available exclusively on the PlayStation 3 computer entertainment system. The game masterfully blends the cinematic storytelling of a single player role-playing game (RPG) with an entertaining and interactive co-op multiplayer RPG experience. From famed Japanese developer LEVEL-5, White Knight Chronicles II, features stunning graphics, over 400 new weapons and armors, and new skills and spells that make battles more interactive, strategic, and fast-paced. In addition to the full sequel, the game also includes the remastered White Knight Chronicles: International Edition as a bonus, delivering two full games and over 100 hours of combined gameplay.

It’s a year after the events of the original White Knight Chronicles game, which marked the return of the Yshrenian Empire. Leonard and his companions have come back together to protect the Kingdom of Balandor, the Archduchy of Faria and the Free City of Greede from the Yshrenian Empire, but there is more trouble here than initially meets the eye. There is civil unrest in the Archduchy of Faria, with one faction trying to protect the Farian princess, Miu, and another militant faction trying to spark a revolution. Should the revolution succeed, the instability would threaten not only Balandor, Greedeand Faria, but the entire world.

The complete White Knights Chronicle adventure to-date, including both games on one disc.

White Knight Chronicles II is a true sequel to the original game in the series, and as such has important links to the original game. With that in mind, game publisher D3 has bundled a remastered copy of White Knight Chronicles International Edition with White Knight Chronicles II on a single Blu-ray disc, ensuring that every player has the opportunity to get the complete White Knight Chronicles experience in a single game release.

Key Game Features:

    • Classic RPG Action – Dive into classic RPG action filled with party-based combat, magic, melee, character leveling and more.
    • Enjoy Single Player and Multiplayer Action – Battle evil forces while taking characters from your single player campaign into a expansive multiplayer gaming experience with up to six other players online.
    • Remastered White Knight Chronicles International Edition Included – Play the heroic storyline of the sequel and have the option to journey through the bonus remastered original game as well, totaling over 100 hours of gameplay.
    • Create and Customize Your Own White Knight – Make the game your own as you create and customize your very own Incorruptus (a unique knight).
    • Weapons and Armor Customization – Create your own unique combat style with more than 400 new armor and weapon choices.
    • New Abilities and Spells – Utilize powerful new skills and spells, such as charge attacks, dash attacks and dual wielding weapons.
    • New Online Mode – The new, massive online mode extends the gameplay beyond the story of the game with up to six players on new quests and challenges.

Intro and Character Creation

Walkthrough Part 2

Walkthrough Part 3

Walkthrough Part 4

Destroying Crystals!

Walkthrough Part 5

Walkthrough Part 6

On way to Father Yggdra.

Walkthrough Part 7

Boss Fighter #1.

Walkthrough Part 8

Back in time.

Walkthrough Part 9

Walkthrough Part 10


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