World of Warcraft Now Free-To-Play! Partially Anyway

13 September 2011
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World of Warcraft Free-to-Play Art

World of Warcraft Free-to-Play isn’t exactly a reality, but Blizzard has stepped closer with the “World of Warcraft Starter Edition”.

WoW Starter Edition allows players to battle through the first twenty levels being available for exactly no charge.

This new World of Warcraft: Starter Edition will replace the old 10-14 day free-trial system that Blizzard has utilized up until now.

Not only that, but those who purchase the original World of Warcraft base game at retail will get the entire content of The Burning Crusade for free.

This is pretty big news, because the free-to-play MMO model, where revenue is generated via in-game purchases or “full subscription” models that open up the entire game, is one that has swept the Massively Multiplayer Online market but Blizzard is one of the few companies who have yet to embrace that payment model as of yet.

This is one step in that direction. Will you be trying out WoW now that it is “free-to-play”?

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