Nintendo 3DS 3D Video Recording Coming Via Firmware Update

Recording video clips on the 3DS will soon be a reality Nintendo announced at their 3DS Pre-TGS Press Conference!

This is huge, as very few devices, if any, give you the ability to record video in glasses-free, stereoscopic 3D! And this is a feature that is wanted by a lot of people, but one that most never thought Nintendo would actually do.

This video recording feature will be added through a firmware update of the hardware, and will also bring a number of other new features, both announced an unannounced. Among them include a redesign of the Mii Plaza, and an improved eShop shopping experience!

This is HUGE news. Hopefully the 3D recording will hit the 3DS before the release of the PS Vita, as it gives Nintendo another great feature to tout in the wake of the coming high-tech handheld from Sony.

Nintendo also hinted at the inclusion of downloadable/streamed mini-games using SpotPass, but did not offer specifics.

Here is a video giving an example of how the 3DS Cameras work, in this case to play the AR, Alternate Reality, games that come included with the system and using the physical AR Cards.