Mario Kart 7 Roster Reveals: Lakitu & Metal Mario Playable!

Mario Kart 7 has added Metal Mario(!) and Lakitu(!!) as playable Mario Kart 7 characters! This title marks the first time these two beloved characters have ever been playable in a Mario Kart game. Lakitu, as any Mario Kart player knows, has always been the Starting Line guy.

Originally some people thought that Metal Mario was an item that turned players metal, but turns out that he is a whole new character in himself. And Miyamoto promises that more additional characters have yet to be revealed. Mario Kart 7 will be released in Japan on December 1st. The Mario Kart 7 Release Date in the West is set for December 4th 2011 in America and Dec. 2nd in Europe.

Other new details revealed about Mario Kart 7 include:

  1. You can switch to a first-person driving mode that uses the 3DS Gyroscopic Motion Controls. Another first for a Mario Kart game.
  2. The game WILL contain an online mode of some sort! Including 8-Player Online Play!
  3. Wuhu Island appears in the game as a track that is one long course that doesn’t loop!
  4. You can now throw Fireballs backwards or forwards!
  5. The game makes use of your 3DS Friends List and will show you exactly what part of the game they are playing.
  6. The game will include 16 all-new courses.
  7. Classic courses have had new underwater sections added.
  8. SpotPass is being used to transfer Ghost Data.
  9. While StreetPass allows you to exchange Ghost Data with local people you pass.
  10. Anyone you meet via StreetPass can be viewed (their profile) and added as an online buddy.
  11. 8-Player Local Play also available.

Here is a new Mario Kart 7 gameplay trailer which shows off Daisy as a playable character and the new first-person driving mode!

The Power-Ups shown in the video include the following:

1. Bomb
2. Fire Flower
3. Red Shell (x3)
4. Green Shell (x3)
5. Mushroom (x3)
6. Banana (x3)
7. Blue Shell (Spiked, no wings)
8. Lightning
9. Bullet Bill
10. Blooper
11. Leaf
12. Seven

Additionally, here is a Japanese interview with the Mario Kart 7 development team. The first one shows ordinary people off the street who are fans, and then features Hideki Konno talking about the game and revealing some new items and features.

Here is the English translated version!

Finally here are some new screenshots showing off Metal Mario and the First-Person Viewing Mode.