Kid Icarus: Uprising Release Date Delayed Worldwide To 2012

Just let the poor angel fly! Kid Icarus: Uprising‘s Release Date has now been delayed into 2012. It’s dated March 23, 2012 in both America and Europe!

While many people suspected that this might be the case, due to the fact that Nintendo had only given a vague “this year TBA” release window, the game has demonstrated that it is extremely far along in development, so many thought it might still make it in 2011.

But no longer, the long-awaited 3DS revival of Nintendo’s Angelic Warrior has been officially delayed to 2012. And it has been delayed in all territories in order to give the developers more time to work on the game and polish it up further.

Possibly to make up for the delay (or to further promote it upon release), Nintendo will be working with acclaimed Japanese anime studio to create exclusive Nintendo Video animated shorts based on Kid Icarus: Uprising! These videos will then be dolled out free of charge worldwide via the Nintendo Video Channel on the 3DS. Huzzah!

It’s worth noting that Nintendo is also making a set of collectable Kid Icarus: Uprising AR Cards available upon release of the game. Cards that players can then battle using the Nintendo 3DS Cameras and the Alternate Reality Games feature. Look at the gallery below for a glimpse at many of these Kid Icarus: Uprising AR Cards.

In one other bit of news, rumors abound that a Super Smash Bros. 2012 Wii U 3DS tease was made at the end of the Kid Icarus: Uprising trailer (which is developed by the same team) at the show. But so far that particular section of the video hasn’t surfaced online.

*SPOILER ALERT* Here is a new gameplay video of Kid Icarus: Uprising in action, showing off Dark Pit! (or as some are affectionately calling him, “Emo Pit”) *SPOILER*

Personally I think this game is looking freakin’ badass! The trailer also reveals several really interesting new elements that have corresponding AR Cards, including… METROIDS!? I can’t wait to see what other surprises Team Sora has in store for us!

Here is a another trailer, short and sweet.