Gears of War 3 Unboxing by Ice T

Ice T capped the first Gears of War 3 Unboxing video, due to many facts of the famous gangsta rapper’s life… Like the little fact that Gears of War 3 features the Ice Man himself as a playable character!

Ice T plays Griffin, the leader of a group of human survivors called the Stranded.

In this video Ice T shows off the awesome Lancer replica, which retails for $100 bucks, as well as the Xbox 360 Limited Edition Gears of War 3-branded system, followed by the standard version of the game itself!

He also shows a bit of the intro.

The Gears of War 3 release date of September 20th, 2011 is quick approaching! Will you be buying a Gears of War Collector’s Edition?

The game is available for $60 for the Standard, Limited Edition for $80 and Epic Edition for $150. The game can also be bundled with the Lancer for about $130 (with the standard version of the game) or bundled with the system and a limited version of it for $400. GameStop is even offering an insane $630 bundle that includes Gears of War 3-branded headphones, the limited edition Xbox 360 system, Gears of War 3 Strategy Guide book and Gears of War 3 soundtrack, among other goodies.