Rise of Nightmares Achievements Guide (Xbox 360 Kinect)

6 September 2011
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Rise of Nightmares Screenshot for Achievements Guide

Our Rise of Nightmares Achievements guide lists every Achievement for this Xbox 360 Kinect horror game and tells you how to get them.


Earn the Achievement to get the corresponding amount of GamerPoints added to your GamerScore.

1. Destiny’s Path (5G) – Cards of Insight.
2. Fading Footprints (5G) – Forgotten Records.
3. Creature Executioner (15G) – Attacks from below are effective against creatures too.
4. Iron Fist (10G) – Keep punching. Don’t stop.
5. Knife User (10G) – Keep swinging that knife.
6. Creature Fighter (20G) – You cannot always run from danger.
7. Creature Slayer (50G) – Leave nothing moving in your wake.
8. Creature Slicer (15G) – ou need to lure them into their doom.
9. Invitation To A Nightmare (5G) – This is where it all begins.
10. Nice Gesture! (5G) – Try touching things.
11. The First Kill (5G) – Subdue your fear and confront the horrific.
12. Brawl King (15G) – Don’t pick things up.
13. Creature Hunter (30G) – Defeat as many kinds of creatures as you can.
14. Weapon Master (30G) – Pick up every weapon you see.
15. Creature Crusher (15G) – Kick’em to their doom!
16. Creature Bomber (15G) – Burn baby, burn!
17. Craftsman (10G) – Dismember a single creature while leaving it alive.
18. Watcher (5G) – The actions of others are fascinating.
19. Mad Bomber (10G) – Keep tossing those tubes.
20. Dismantler (10G) – It’s easy to cut things down to size.
21. Sage (10G) – Let loose with loads of energy.
22. Pipe-Layer (10G) – You can use tools too.
23. Axe Chopper (10G) – It’s good for more than chopping down trees.
24. Scavenger (10G) – Take weapons from creatures.
25. Headhunter (20G) – They’re creatures. It’s okay.
26. Multi-Hitter (10G) – Knock out more than one at a time.
27. Lightning Reflexes (20G) – Demonstrate outstanding response time.
28. Limb Lopper (10G) – Plants aren’t the only things you can prune and trim.
29. Ernst (10G) – Such fierce strength.
30. Brute (5G) – There is more than one way of opening a door.
31. Master Sleuth (50G) – Found all of the Detective’s Tapes.
32. Tarot Master (50G) – Obtained all Tarot Cards.
33. Nightmare Defeater (50G) – Cleared the main game on the “No Mercy” difficulty level.
34. Nightmare Vanquisher (100G) – Cleared the main game on the “Torture” difficulty level.
35. Nightmare Escapee (30G) – Cleared the main game on the “Humane” difficulty level.
36. Aaron and Katja (10G) – Cleared Act 0.
37. The Train (10G) – leared Act 1.
38. The Survivors (10G) – Cleared Act 2.
39. The Nightmare (10G) – Cleared Act 6.
40. Viktor (10G) – Cleared Act 7.
41. Stirrings of Death (10G) – Cleared Act 8.
42. House of Madness (10G) – Cleared Act 3.
43. Friend or Foe? (10G) – Cleared Act 4.
44. The Forest (10G) – Cleared Act 5.
45. Escape From the Grasp of Evil (30G) – Obtained an A-Rank in Act 10, Scene 1.
46. Live to Tell the Tale (30G) – Obtained an A-Rank in Act 10, Scene 2.
47. Fight Or Flight (30G) – Obtained an A-Rank in Act 10, Scene 3.
48. Sharp-Eyed Traveler (20G) – Discovered all “Secret Events.”
49. Endless Nightmare (60G) – Survived the Endless Nightmare.
50. Master of the Nightmare (60G) – Cleared the “TORTURE” difficulty without dying.

Here is a trailer for the game.


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