Driver: Renegade Walkthrough Video Guide (3DS)

5 September 2011
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Driver Renegade Box Art for 3DS Game

Mission #16 – Senator Ballard Payback

This escape mission complicates things by adding Cops to the mix! These police cars chase you and you can’t kill them!

Mission #17 – Hotel Evidence

The key to beating this mission is to be sure to catch up to Nolan as quick as possible as early as possible. You have unlimited Rage in this mission but you still gotta work the accelerator and the A and B Buttons. Be sure to hold both down during the initial stretch and take Nolan out before he crosses the tunnel! This should assure your victory!

Mission #18 – Death Race 3000

Mission #19 – Death Race 4000

Get him before he reaches the airport!

Big thanks to Obesity500 for the walkthrough videos!


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