Driver: Renegade Walkthrough Video Guide (3DS)

5 September 2011
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Driver Renegade Box Art for 3DS Game

Mission #11 – Dr. Lewis

Mission #12 – Dr. Lewis’ Clinic

Mission #13 – Newspaper Stands A-Bye-Bye

Mission #14 – Weapons Dealer Lena Robbins

Mission #15 – Lena Robbins Chase Sequence

A key tip to beating this mission is to spam the L and R Buttons as soon as you see her get trapped behind an escort vehicle. When attacking her, the game will lag and your car won’t move; this is a glitch in the system but use it to your advantage by continuing to spam the L and R Buttons during this time. The effectiveness of this trick can’t be understated because you’ll earn Rage each time you hit her! Good luck!


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