Driver: Renegade Walkthrough Video Guide (3DS)

5 September 2011
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Driver Renegade Box Art for 3DS Game

This Driver: Renegade 3DS walkthrough will guide you through the beginning to ending moments of gameplay with strategy tips for this glasses-free stereoscopic 3D portable version of the hit console open-world driving reboot.

Driver Renegade is an action-packed driving game made exclusively for Nintendo 3DS that lets you experience the intensity and brutality of urban car chases in 3D. Drive recklessly, perform jumps to fill your Rage bar and unleash devastating takedowns on your enemy cars! After years of undercover work on the Force, John Tanner wants to take matters of crime in his own hands, regardless of what the Law dictates. In a corrupt New York City run by criminal mobs, Tanner saves Senator Ballard’s life. He needs help in leading a crusade against Crime. Tanner accepts to clean the city off the record, against the Senator’s protection.

Please note that viewers must be at least 17+ to watch the videos below as this game includes Blood, Drug Reference, Sexual Themes, Strong Language, and Violence.

Table of Contents

Index of Driver: San Francisco Guides:

  • This Page: Walkthrough
  • New Page: Driver: San Francisco Achievements and Trophies Guide
  • New Page: Driver: San Francisco Walkthrough Video Guide
  • New Page: Driver: San Francisco Screenshots Gallery
  • For Fun: Driver: San Francisco Wallpaper (HD)
  • Intro and Story Mission #1

    Mission #2 – Drive Senator Ballard Home

    Make it to the marked location without sustaining too much damage!

    Mission #3 – Sledgehammer Bobby and Miss Oil Change

    You finally get to upgrade to a quicker vehicle! This objective has you destroying objects. Do as much destruction as you can by busting through street lights, fences, etc. with the goal of filling your Rage Meter three times. If you can drive through those shifty shops you can instantly fill your Rage Meter!

    Mission #4 – Drug Lord Jonah Ramsey

    Kill your target!

    Mission #5 – Rage Against Woodworth’s Massage Parlor

    Destroy those brothels by following the markers and hitting each one.


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