Fatal Frame 3DS Spin-Off Spirit Photo Announced

A Fatal Frame-style 3DS game is in development called “Spirit Photo”, or “Shinrei Shashin” in Japanese.

The game is being developed by the same team at Tecmo Koei that created the Fatal Frame franchise, so this is essentially the same type of concept. In the Fatal Frame horror adventure games, you made use of a supernatural camera to capture ghosts and spirits by taking pictures of them.

This new game takes that concept to a new level by making use of the Nintendo 3DS cameras! Although how this works exactly has yet to be revealed.

In the game however you have something called the “AR Notebook”, with AR obviously standing for Alternate Reality. This AR Notebook is heavily used throughout the game, and one would imagine that the game uses the camera’s of the 3DS to take pics of ghosts who are in your real-world environment!

The game will feature a number of modes, including a story mode, a mini-game mode that uses the AR Notebook, and a “Ghost Camera” mode in which you take a picture of yourself (your “Spirit Picture”) and then face off against the Spirits (or faces) of other people whom you’ve taken pics of. Sounds creepy!

Here is how the story is described for the Adventure Mode: As the main character, you work with a girl that you’ve brought into the real world. You are tasked with solving the mystery behind the cursed Purple Diary, represented by the AR Notebook.

No release date information was noted. But this game definitely has me intrigued!

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