Disgaea 4 Preview

This Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten preview gives a quick look at the highly anticipated PS3-exclusive sequel to Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice.

This time the latest game in the series has been built from the ground up exclusively for the PlayStation 3 with an all-new graphics engine that will make this the cleanest, crispest game in the series with high-quality high-definition graphics that are far and away better than in any previous game in the series.

Disgaea 4 promises to be the most in-depth and complex game in the series yet (and that’s saying something!), a game that developer Nippon Ichi promises will have “everlasting value”.

The trademark humor of NIS is maintained in this fourth entry and the art by Takehito Harada’s along with the new graphics engine truly breathes new life into the series with fluid animations and greater detail than ever before.

Here is some battle gameplay.

The storyline revolves around a young vampire named Valvatorez, a Prinny drill sergeant in a prison called Hades in the Netherworld. Once an Overlord tyrant, he voluntarily gave up his title, although no one knows why. Just before Valvatorez’s graduation ceremony, one of his Prinny team’s is kidnapped! Due to his honor, he sets off to free them; alongside Fenrich (a werewolf); with the goal of also setting political change ablaze in the corrupt underworld.

One funny bit is a character that is a parody of United States President Barack Obama, a character who replies to everything with his motto, “Yes We Can!” 😀

Theme-wise Disgaea 4 heads out of the school-yard and into the realm of politics, which the series had explored by way of the Senators you could bribe and such, but this time politics takes front-seat.

In Disgaea 4 you can form your own political party and make use of a slew of new strategic battle features that expand the game exponentially.

The game even features a new map-generating mode that allows you to create and share your own custom maps with your friends or people around the world online! You can even design your own pirate ship!

Here is a look at the Pirate Ship editor.

Fusion is a new battle system that joins Stacking, Team Attacks and Lifting/Throwing. Fusion allows you to combine two different creatures to create one new one; a monstrosity with beefed up stats! While the MagiChange system from Disgaea 3 is brought over here, with the new ability to combine a fused monster with the megaweapon of a humanoid! This will allow for epic dual-wielding scenarios where stats are through the stratosphere and these monsters attack twice per turn! You can only imagine!

Also new is the Cam-Paining System (a play on words of “campaign” as in “Rick Perry’s Political Campaign”). A glorified party management system that allows you to canvas for political space and influence against your enemy. The more territory on the Cam-Paining screen you claim for yourself is based the levels of your characters. The more territory you claim ,the more characters you can add to your team.

You can also place evil symbols that you’ve earned in battle or shops onto spots of your Cam-Pain territory to boost stats and provide bonuses to the surrounding team members. Rare symbols allow you to throw an ally onto an enemy panel; knocking the opponent out and adding non-combat bonuses. Which can help with the Senate sequences and other things.

A new combat ability comes in the form of Educational Coaching. You can now throw a captured hostile unit into the base panel, where you can torture them until they become a new ally. Or give you money or items.

New Classes include: The Professor, The Android, The bouncer, The Yin-Yang Technician, and the Battle Suit.

Online Multiplayer has been added in the form of Pirate Runs. These alow players to duel with each other, using classes of their own party, and then heading into another players game where your free to help or hinder.

Here’s a Pirate Run video.

All in all, this game has plenty of new content to satisfy Disagea fans!

Key Features of Disgaea 4 include:

  • All new graphics engine with high-definition, crisp graphics and animation, built from the ground up for PS3! Disgaea has never looked so good!
  • New battle strategies and systems have been implemented, changed and updated. From Fusion to Magichange to “Educational Coaching” i.e. torture!
  • Head online to battle your friends via Pirate Runs! Also compare your game and your stats to that of your friends.
  • New classes abound such as the Professor, Android and Bouncer!
  • Political intrigue takes center-focus in Disgaea 4, as you set about on your own political “Cam-Pain”. “Read my lips, MORE PAIN!”
  • The ever-popular Dark Assembly has been reborn in this game as the Senate. Head your own political organization and be sure to use every dirty trick a good politician is known for to shape the government to your liking!
  • Lv9999 is only the beginning! Yes we have!

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