Spider-Man: Edge of Time Screenshots Gallery

Welcome to our Spider-Man: Edge of Time Screenshots Gallery!

Spider-Man: Edge of Time is an upcoming video game by the Activision-owned developer Beenox. The story is written by Peter David and gameplay will feature a new “cause-and-effect” element.

Edge of time is set in the year 2099! Alchemax scientist Walter Sloan seeks to gain power and fortune by traveling back in time to the present day in order to utilize his knowledge of future technology. Through a sort of ‘ripple effect’, this causes the future of 2099 to change to a dystopia where Alchemax rules the world. Spider-Man 2099 is aware of the plan and discovers that Sloan’s actions are not only responsible for the radically altered timeline but will also cause the death of Peter Parker/Spider-Man at the hands of Anti-Venom!

The game is set to be released on October 4th (US) and October 14th (EU) 2011.

The latest screencaps, covers and artworks from the game will be posted on this page, many of which will make awesome desktop wallpapers!

We will add to this gallery as soon as we find new screenshots and share it with you!