Spotlight On: The Dialogue of Downpour

In this Episode I will be shedding some light on the dialogue of Silent Hill Downpour!

Hello everyone and welcome to another ‘Spotlight On’ episode, where I shed some light on the little details of my favorite and upcoming video games! Today I’ll be talking about a cutscene involving Murphy and Howard in Silent Hill Downpour, a game that is rumored to be released on October 25th 2011 (US & EU).

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I liked Howard’s attitude to Murphy in the scene from Downpour (and vice versa). He had a “I know something you don’t know” tone and was not bothered by the fact that Murphy is CLEARLY a prisoner on the run. It all rings a little odd, which is perfect! Howard has all the makings of a great Silent Hill oddity.

Silent Hill Downpour Murphy

I also loved Murphy’s reaction to the mailman; when Howard holds out his hand and introduces himself, Murphy backs away, unimpressed, and replies quite flatly. Murphy comes across as not a very nice man and its great to see this type of subtlety in a character!

BUT there were also a few things that weren’t so subtle.

For example, I wasn’t so keen on Howard’s line in which he remarks that the tram hasn’t worked since the “accident”. It’s like a quote from a bad mystery! It sounds like he’s saying that a tram accident is a big if not major plot device – I could be wrong of course!

Also, I wasn’t too keen on the “Type .A.” scary music that played as a strange object appeared in the window. I like Howard’s reaction, but this part felt a little low-budget horror movie to me. The same can be said for Howard’s disappearance at the end of the scene; I personally prefer to have an impression that something isn’t quite right, I don’t think things need to be spelled out.

Overall though I am really encouraged! No it doesn’t look as intelligent as Silent Hill 2, but it looks like it could be interesting. I won’t knock it until I have played it.

Not seen the footage yet? Take a look at Howard Blackwood’s introduction!

The music that plays in this video is titled ‘Betrayed’ and is another superb track composed by Akira Yamaoka for the Silent Hill 2 Soundtrack. You can purchase this track, and many others from the official score, on iTunes.

So what did you think? Do you like the look of these characters? Do you like the Silent Hill series at all?

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