Top 25 Must-Play Video Games: Metal Gear Solid (#5)

Next at number 5 we have Konami Computer Entertainment Japan’s tactical espionage game Metal Gear Solid, a title often recognized as one of the best and most important games of all time!

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Konami Computer Entertainment Japan’s 1998 tactical espionage title for the PSOne, PC (Windows), and available now on the PlayStation Network – Metal Gear Solid.

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Tactical espionage action…

You are Snake, a government agent on a mission to infiltrate a terrorist stronghold to crack a nuclear conspiracy. Sharpen your senses. Stay alive.

Lightly armed and facing an army of foes, you must avoid firefights in order to survive. Enemies react to sight and sound – so stay quiet and stay in the shadows.

Often recognized as one of the best and most important games of all time, Metal Gear Solid moulded -if not created- the stealth genre that we all know and love. Its commercial and critical success have spawned numerous sequels and spin-offs and puts this video game in our count-down!

The gameplay of Metal Gear Solid established the stealth genre using a variety of (then) new features!

Players had to move through each level without being detected; detection was triggered by moving into an enemy’s field of sight, once this happened other enemies were drawn to that location. This would also trigger an “alert mode”, which forced the player to hide and remain undetected until safe. To do this, players could utilize objects and the environment – a cardboard box disguise would be perhaps the most iconic example of this.

Firefights and boss battles also took place in the game and changed up the gameplay just enough. These firefights were played from both the third person and first person perspective and in boss battles, the player would have to exploit a boss’ weak spot. Most of these mechanics are commonplace these days, but Metal Gear Solid introduced gamers to these uncommon methods and play-styles!

Another aspect of the game that make it so iconic is the story. Metal gear Solid had an epic block buster feel to it and a highly complex story line that was sublimely refreshing.

Cutscenes were lengthy and involved; although some found this to be an annoyance that threw players out of the game, most were impressed, agreeing that it pulled the player into an epic experience.

It also broke new ground with movie-style production (another common element of current video games). It built on the deep, gritty style of gameplay and through cinematic shots and well-directed scenes, Metal Gear raised the bar sky-high.

On release Metal Gear Solid was a commercial success and has sold over 6 million copies world-wide. It was critically acclaimed and achieved scores such as 9 out of 10 in Edge and 93.75% on GameRankings, it even won the record for “Most Innovative Use of a Video Game Controller” in the Guinness World Records!

Metal Gear Solid is often referred to as the best Playstation game created, and it should indeed be played for its pioneering gameplay and story that has spanned over several successful titles. But if you want to play a game that is as legendary as it is iconic, then Metal Gear Solid is definitely for you!


Interested in this game? Try for some great deals! You can also download it from the Playstation store for £7.99 or $13.19. Also note that there was a 2004 remake called “Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes” on GameCube.

Happy tactical-evading!

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