Super Mario 3D Land Characters List

Several Super Mario 3D Land characters are featured in this upcoming 3DS sure-fire hit.

The most of obvious is the return of Mario, who makes a glorious back-to-basics return as both Small Mario AND Super Mario.

Add on top of that the return of Suits from the classic games, and the return of the Koopa Kids characters, and you have a bonafide AAA title.

  1. Mario (Small, Super, Tanooki Suit, Raccoon Suit)
  2. Bowser
  3. Morton Koopa Jr.
  4. Iggy Koopa
  5. Lemmy Koopa
  6. Ludwig Von Koopa
  7. Roy Koopa
  8. Wendy O Koopa
  9. Larry Koopa

You can see a lot of footage of Super Mario 3D Land in this video. We’ll add to the list as more characters are revealed.