Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Characters List

19 August 2011
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Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Logo Artwork

20 Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Online Edition characters make up the cast of this highly-anticipated digital re-release of the hit arcade/Dreamcast fighter; which has been gloriously remade with all-new graphics, online play and in high-definition for Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network!

The Street Fighter series has long been the measuring stick by which other fighters are measured, and Street Fighter III: Third Strike set a new standard with its amazingly technical fighting style and bold, fluid 2D artwork. 19 determined warriors of varying styles prove their skills in combat. Each fighter has their own reasons for entering the tournament, testing their skills against the greatest martial artists the world has ever seen. Choose your favorite warrior, mastering a huge number of moves and combos. Your skills will be graded by the game’s built-in Grade Judge System, so it might be wise to enter the Practice mode or go one-on-one with a friend in Versus mode before you tackle the tournament. These fighters have developed skills so powerful, that by building up a super arts meter during the fight, they are unable to unleash devastating attacks and combos that will send opponents reeling!

Now you can finally play the game at home, on your couch, and battle with friends all over the world in Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Online Edition – Fight For the Future!

Cast of Characters In Street Fighter III Online

1. Akuma
2. Alex
3. Chun-Li
4. Dudley
5. Elena
6. Gill
7. Hugo
8. Ibuki
9. Ken
10. Makoto
11. Necro
12. Oro
13. Q
14. Remy
15. Ryu
16. Sean
17. Twelve
18. Urien
19. Yang
20. Yun


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