Mario Kart 7 Preview

This Mario Kart 7 preview gives a quick look at the upcoming 3DS racing game. It was originally announced at E3 2010 as “Mario Kart 3DS”, and officially coined “Mario Kart 7” earlier this year.

Mario Kart 7 is aptly titled because it is the seventh installment in the long-running, million-selling, Mario Kart series that originally got its start with Super Mario Kart for the NES way back in 1992. The newest version of the fan-favorite Mario Kart franchise brings Mushroom Kingdom racing fun into the third dimension.

This new version mixes some new, with some old.

Returning from Super Mario Kart are Coins. Coins could be collected in Super Mario Kart to increase your go carts speed. This feature returns (it was last seen in Mario Kart: Super Circuit for Game Boy Advance) but collecting coins also increases your defense against items.

Karts can be customized and one of the biggest new features is the ability to add a Hang Glider attachment! The Glider can then be deployed at the press of a button and allows you to glide through the air for a short period, opening up new secret pathways in the track.

That’s right, you can fly now! For the first time, drivers explore new competitive kart possibilities, such as soaring through the skies or plunging into the depths of the sea. New courses, strategic new abilities and customizable karts bring the racing excitement to new heights.

In addition, new underwater sections have been added, with a propeller appearing on your cart automatically as you head into the underwater sections.

This is the first Mario Kart 7 trailer from E3 2011.

Playable characters that are confirmed so far include:

  • Mario,
  • Luigi,
  • Peach,
  • Toad,
  • Donkey Kong,
  • Bowser,
  • Yoshi,
  • Koopa Troopa.

Revealed Items include:

  • Mushroom,
  • X3 Mushroom,
  • Starman,
  • Blooper (Ink),
  • Single Green Koopa Shell,
  • Green Shell x3,
  • Single Red Koopa Shell,
  • Red Shell x3,
  • Banana Peel,
  • Banana Peel x3.

Tracks include both new and old tracks. Confirmed tracks include:

  • Maple Treeway,
  • Luigi’s Mansion,
  • Airship Fortress,
  • Peach’s Castle,
  • Wuhu Island.

Here is a gameplay video with extensive demo footage of Mario Kart 7 for 3DS.

Other new features, outside of this being the first stereoscopic glasses-free 3D entry in the series for the 3DS; include the return of online play and the ability to trade your saved Ghost Data with friends so they can challenge your best times. Read on for the rest…

Key Features of Mario Kart 7

Here is a list of key elements that will be available in Nintendo’s Mario Kart 7 based on news and announcements made so far.

A New Dimension of Kart Racing.
The Mario Kart franchise continues to evolve. New kart abilities add to the wild fun that the games are known for. On big jumps, a kart deploys a wing to let it glide over the track shortcut. When underwater, a propeller pops out to help the kart cruise across the sea floor.

Customizable Karts.
Players can show their own style by customizing their vehicles with accessories that give them a competitive advantage. For instance, giant tires help a kart drive off-road, while smaller tires accelerate quickly on paved courses.

Characters Galore.
People can choose to race as one of their favorite Mushroom Kingdom characters or even as their Mii character.

Brand New Courses.
New courses take players on wild rides over mountains, on city streets and through a dusty desert. Nintendo fans will recognize new courses on Wuhu Island and in the jungles from Donkey Kong Country Returns.

Wireless Support.
The game supports both SpotPass and StreetPass features.

Online Multiplayer.
Players can compete in local wireless matches or online over a broadband Internet connection.

Mario Kart 7 is scheduled for release in December 2011, exclusively for Nintendo 3DS.

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