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18 August 2011
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Tales of Xillia Cast Image

Namco Bandai have released two new character videos for their upcoming role-playing game Tales of Xillia for the PS3!

A role-playing game set in the fictional world of Liese Maxia -a place where humans, spirits and demons are able to reside together in harmony- Tales of Xillia will feature a theme song sung by the J-pop-goddess Ayumi Hamasaki titled “Progress”!

The new videos feature Alvin, a competent mercenary who has journeyed through many places around the world, and Leia, a bright and energetic girl who is a childhood friend of main protagonist Jude.

Take a look!

The animated cut scenes are being produced by Ufotable, the studio behind Tales of Symphonia and the two main protagonists of the game will be designed by two different series veterans; Jude Mathis is designed by Kosuke Fujishima, and Milla Maxwell is designed by Mutsumi Inomata!

Like many of the recent Tales games, Tales of Xillia will allow you to place attachments on your characters, modifying their appearance with glasses, teddy bears etc. However, in this title, players will have the ability to customize these attachments by adjusting the position, angle, color, size etc.

There will also be five “shop types” in Tales of Xillia: item shop, weapon shop, armor shop, accessory shop and food shop. These shops rise in level as you work through the game and can produce new items after upgrading!

Not familiar with Tales of Xillia? Check out the 6-minute long trailer featuring gameplay footage!

Xillia will be the 13th title in the Tales series, and is set to be released in Japan on September 8th 2011!

Priced at ¥5,880 (roughly $75 or £46) the Tales of Xillia soundtrack, spanning 3 audio discs, will be available a day before the game’s release. Including the Ayumi Hamasaki track, the first print of the soundtrack will come with a special sleeve, a set of trading cards with a download code, and a bonus disc containing a talk session with Milla and Jude’s voice actors.


Considering that Tales of Vesperia had a US and EU release, word is that the new Tales of Xillia might do too! However, if this does not happen, players can always import a copy from Play-asia or, considering that the PS3 is a region-free platform!



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