Saints Row: The Third Screenshots Gallery

Welcome to our Saints Row: The Third Screenshots Gallery!

Volition Inc’s upcoming sandbox-style action-adventure video game is to be released on November 15th (US) and November 18th (EU) 2011 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and OnLive! It will be the third title in the Saints Row series, after the release of Saints Row 2 in 2008.

Saints Row: The Third takes place a few years after the events of Saints Row 2.

With the Sons of Samedi, the Ronin, and the Brotherhood of Stilwater dispersed, both Dane Vogel and Julius Little dead, and Dex gone, the 3rd Street Saints have gone from a small-time gang to a household brand name in Stilwater. Furthermore, with Dane Vogel dead, the 3rd Street Saints have partnered with their former nemesis, the Ultor Corporation, now that Eric Gryphon has replaced him.

When a plan goes awry, the Protagonist, Shaundi, and Johnny Gat find themselves tied up and incapacitated on a plane, and must straighten out the mess they have found themselves in!

Daniel Dae Kim will be reprising his role as Johnny Gat, Sasha Grey will voice Viola DeWynter, and Hulk Hogan will voice a professional wrestler and Saints ally Angel De LaMuerte.

The latest screencaps and artworks from the game will be posted on this page. Many of these awesome images make great desktop wallpapers too.

We will add to this gallery as soon as we find new screenshots and share it with you!