Resistance 3 Storyline Trailer

Artist Olly Moss stars in this Resistance 3 Story Trailer from Gamescom 2011 that gives an INCREDIBLE animated glimpse at this exciting upcoming first-person shooter sequel from Insomniac Games exclusively for PS3.

The impressive visuals of this trailer were drawn by Olly Moss, forming a cinematic flash of brilliance as a young girl narrates and we see the result of the Chimeran invasion and the fall of the United States.

“A mysterious, war-torn man comes to town and tells a child of his perilous journey toward New York. She is tired of hiding, and ready to join the Resistance.”

Here is the mighty impressive new trailer.

Here is a video showing some of Olly Moss’ artistic works.

The Resistance 3 release date is on September 6, 2011 in America, September 8th in Australia and September 9th in Europe.