Final Fantasy XIII-2 Moogle News From Japan!

The newest issue of Jump magazine had outlined three, non-combat, uses for Serah’s Moogle in FFXIII-2!

Gameplay features, “Moogle Hunt”, “Moogle Clock” and “Moogle Throw”, have been revealed as the Final Fantasy Moogle becomes a fully playable partner!

“Moogle Hunt” allows players to ask the Moogle to search for items. It’s little antenna above his head will also flash bright if an object or item is close by.

“Moogle Clock” is a clock-style gauge that appears if Serah’s Moogle detects enemies close by. After it appears on-screen, you must press ‘circle’ within the time limit, players can then conduct a pre-emptive strike or flee.

“Moogle Toss” allows the player to throw the Moogle over long distances to reach special items and treasures. However, You will need to have developed a strong bond with the little creature first!

Final Fantasy XIII-2 is due to be released on Xbox 360 and PS3 on December 2011 (JP), January 2012, (NA) and early 2012 (EU)!

ffxiii-2 moogle screenshot 2

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