Star Wars: The Old Republic Beta Test Weekends Announced for 2011

Star Wars: The Old Republic Beta Testing will begin in September, allowing select players to get in on the game and play it ahead of its official release; Which is still set for “holiday 2011”, although we have our doubts whether it will make that date or not.

To sign up for the beta weekends, simply head on over to the official Star Wars: The Old Republic website and sign up! You may get your chance to try it out yourself!

To quote EA and BioWare:

“MMOs will be forever changed after Star Wars The Old Republic. But don’t take our word for it, ‘Beta Test’ weekends will launch in the coming months! Muzyka is now talking about higher level gameplay… the part of the game for devoted MMO players who have reached level 50 and are still looking for a challenge. A key part of the end-game are “operations” or “raids” – large, epic conflicts everyone remembers from the Star Wars films.”

BioWare preceeded to show off these raids in new footage from GamesCom 2011 called “The Eternity Vault”, in which Lead Game Designer Gabe Amatangelo then played on-stage via a live 8-Player demo. Here is the new Star Wars: The Old Republic raid footage!

Are you excited for the Star Wars: The Old Republic Beta?