Escape Plan Announced for PS Vita

Escape Plan exclusively for PlayStation Vita was announced at Gamescom 2011 at Sony’s Press Conference.

In this unique puzzle platformer, you play as two characters, aptly named Lil and Laarg; as their names suggest, Lil is a small dude, while “Laarg” is a huge guy!

Each of them have different abilities, such as Laarg being able to puff up like a balloon and float and Lil’s ability to roll, which you must use to avoid the game’s many hazards and make it through the level. Additionally you must be careful, because if you float too high you’ll hit blades, if you become to heavy you’ll bust through the floor!

The game is played like a sidescrolling platformer and at certain points you’ll need to make use of the PS Vita’s features, like guiding with the touchscreen, to help you.

Hazards come in all types of varieties and the game uses a unique “ink” style where the characters “splat” when defeated; this includes being crushed, zapped, stomped, shot and all manner of other fun death animations, all done with a cutesy style.

I must admit the graphics also look excellent, and the game has a fun charm to it. Overall this game looks like a winner to me.

Here is the debut trailer for Escape Plan.