Budget Gaming: Play.com & Amazon.com!

Hello everyone and welcome to VGB’s Budget Gaming feature with Meg!

In this video series I’ll be going through my personal tips and recommendations for saving money on video games! But don’t forget to submit your own, so I can feature them in future videos!

In this budget gaming video I’ll be talking about my personal favorite website and one of your suggestions!

My personal favorite website is Play.com; it provides new and used copies of a variety of games, films and even electronics! You can purchase a lot of titles here relatively cheap and shipping to the UK is free!

The user “MortalGloomyHell” (via Youtube) recommended Amazon.com! Where sellers usually sell a title cheaper than the retail price! Shipping rates aren’t extortionate and they ship worldwide. You can also check Amazon.co.uk if you are living in the United Kingdom!

Personally, I would watch out with websites such as CEX or Swallow Games. Despite the fact that they have great deals and finds in-store, games are sometimes priced a little higher on the website.

So are you a deal-finder/saver? Are there any stores or websites that you swear by? Perhaps you’ve found an amazing little store you would like to share? Don’t forget to leave your comments in the section below!

Thank you for watching and I’ll see you in my next Budget Gaming video!