OnLive Cloud Gaming Coming to The U.K.

Stream games directly to your PC, MAC or TV in the U.K. this September!

Starting in September, U.K. gamers will be able to begin using OnLive, which streams games directly to the user’s computer, tablet, or TV-connected system without the need to install or download the game itself!

Provided you have a capable Internet connection, you can play the latest computer games without any need to upgrade your graphics card, processor, or hard drive. You will also be able to sample trial versions of any supported game without paying or downloading anything besides the “OnLive client”. You’ll also be able to play multiplayer and voice chat!

OnLive will make its debut in the U.K. at the Eurogamer Expo in London on September 22nd where thousands of OnLive Systems will be given away to attendees.

Haven’t got a ticket? Check out the official site for details on this years event. And for those of you who do not wish to attend the Expo, you can still sign up for early access by registering at the U.K. OnLive website.


Information via 1UP