Prey 2 Features Tommy After All

The protagonist from the original game is back for more than just a cameo!

A first-person shooter, Prey 2 does in fact star a new protagonist, Killian Samuels.
And instead of progressing through an alien ship in a linear corridor-shooter fashion, the sequel is set in open-world style environments across alien cities on the planet ‘Exodus’.

Though much has changed in Prey 2, Tommy, according to Human Head’s Chris Rhinehart, is meant to play a significant role in the new title. He also revealed that it was always the plan to include Tommy as soon as work on the sequel began! Rhinehart stated that “When we started we didn’t want to reveal Tommy initially. We wanted to hold it back and make it a surprise for people that Tommy is still an important part of the game.”

When asked why Tommy isn’t the central protagonist of Prey 2, Rhinehart replied “Really what it comes down to is we wanted to tell other stories in the Prey universe. We wanted to expand it and show the breadth of this universe that we were creating. New character, different mechanics, new visuals, but Tommy is still a critical character.”

When Prey 2 was first announced, the game took what seemed like a completely drastic and ultimately fatal shift from the look, style, story and characters of the first game, so much so that many people considered it “not a real Prey sequel”.

Since then we’ve learned that it will in fact take place in the same universe and expand on it, and that in a way main character Killian Samuels’ story takes place at the outset of the first game, just from a new perspective (however it then fast-forwards into the future).

Prey 2 from there on is pretty much everything Prey 1 wasn’t. This game is mammoth in size and scope, more Mass Effect than Halo, with RPG/Adventure aspects, multiple alien species you must interact with (ala Mass Effect 2) and an open-world inspired by Blade Runner. The environments are also highly vertical in scope. Morality plays a strong role in the game and, like any adventure worth its salt these days, effects how the story proceeds based on your choices and actions. As a gun-for-hire, Killian can choose to attack objectives and take out targets a number of ways: guns-blazing, stealth, parkour, there is a lot of variety in the gameplay this time around.

Not familiar with Prey 2? Take a look at the cinematic trailer below!