Strike Suit Zero Announced (PC, Consoles)

Strike Suit Zero has been announced for a 2012 release on PC and Consoles by developer Doublesix Games, makers of Burn Zombie Burn.

This time the developer is trying their hand at a retail arcade space shooter, one in which machines seamlessly transform from mech to fighter mode at a touch of a button. Ship designs were created by Steel Battalion designer Junji Okubo, who is a Mechanical Design engineer by trade. So at the very least you’ll know that all the moving parts fit where they belong as if the game was reality.

The game will include gigantic capital ships, sleek alien craft and deadly Strike Suits that transform between fighter and robotic warrior at the touch of a button. While also featuring zero gravity vehicular combat, branching-mission structure, and music from Homeworld sound designer Paul Ruskay.

“Strike Suit Zero is an action-packed arcade game set in the final hours of a future Earth. The clock is ticking; your planet is about to be destroyed and its only hope is the Strike Suit; an advanced, transforming spacecraft that empowers the player with ludicrous firepower and awesome abilities. Every second is precious; you’ll be forced to fight with fury, choose targets on instinct and make snap decisions that will not only affect the outcome of your mission but your path through the game and the ultimate destiny of seven billion lives.”

“Strike Suit Zero is inspired by the classic space combat games we all love,” says Jim Mummery, creative director at Doublesix Games.”But our game goes further – it takes that inspiration, pumps up the pace and injects a massive sense of urgency to excite and challenge the player.”

Here is the debut trailer.