Kingdom Hearts 3D Demo Playable at the Tokyo Game Show!

News is that Final Fantasy Versus will be absent from the Tokyo Game Show this year, but a 3D remaster of Kingdom Hearts for the 3DS will be one of many exciting titles available to play in the Square Enix booth!

Playable versions of Final Fantasy XIII-2, Final Fantasy Type-0, Kingdom Hearts 3D and the Final Fantasy 25th anniversary title, Theatrythm Final Fantasy.

Square Enix will also have its ‘Open Megatheater’ that will be showing the latest game footage! Tetsuya Nomura also hopes to release this footage online as soon as possible.

Nomura had a lot of things to say about Kingdom Hearts 3D, stating that its quality is at the level of a console game. The motions that were shown in the game’s trailers have been fully realized, and it looks as though KH3D will have the flashiest motion of the series thus far. Nomura hopes to release the title as soon as possible following the start of the new year.

Watch the Kingdom Hearts 3D trailer here!

But Kingdom Hearts 3D won’t be the only Nomura title coming out early next year! We can also expect the release of Theatrhythm, a project on which Tetsuya Nomura is acting as creative producer. He referred to the 3DS rhythm game as the first Final Fantasy 25th anniversary title, suggesting that more could be on the way.

The Tokyo Game Show will be open to the Japanese public on Saturday the 17th and Sunday the 18th of September this year!