Dead Island Release Date and Co-Op Trailer

Dead Island will be released on September 6th in America and on September 9th in Europe. It promises to give zombie apocalypse fans a whole new reason to thank the undead!

Not only do you get an enormous open-world island to explore to your hearts content, and random objects and items scattered about to defend yourself from the oncoming flesh-eating hordes; but you will get to do all of this with four of your buddies!

“Only teamwork can get the four different protagonists of Dead Island through the seemingly insurmountable odds and dangers that await them on the zombie infested tropical island of Banoi. When playing with friends it’s all about fighting together and watching each others’ back or…”

See how that press release would end in this new Dead Island Cooperative Play Trailer.

Dead Island is out on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

Will you be buying Dead Island?

Ferry adds: We need more Left 4 Dead-like games like this! 🙂