Big in Japan: Dark Souls Delayed!

From Software’s sequel to the extremely challenging video game Demon Souls was due for release in Japan on September 15th 2011, but has unfortunately been set back!

Only a few weeks after announcing the delay for Armored Core V, From Software officially declared that Dark Souls would now be released September 22nd 2011 in Japan – a week after its due date.

Specific reasons for the delay have not been verified; From Software stated that ‘various circumstances’ caused the release date to be pushed back, nothing more has been added.

In Japan, Dark Souls will be released exclusively on the PlayStation 3, and will be published by From Software. Namco Bandai is publishing the title on both PS3 and Xbox 360 elsewhere.

The European and American release dates for Dark Souls have not changed. It will be released on October 4th (US) and 7th (EU) 2011!

Dark Souls is a spiritual successor to Demon Souls and will take place in an open world environment. The game will focus on dungeon exploring, nail-biting tension and fear as players face their formidable foes! The player will battle using various weapons and strategies to survive in a dark fantasy world. Dark Souls will include more weapons, spells, and classes. It will also be ‘significantly harder’, with more enemies and challenging encounters.

Not familiar with Dark Souls? Check out the trailer here!