Big in Japan: Final Fantasy Type-0 Demo Release Date Announced!

Unlock special clothing when the playing the Final Fantasy Type-0 demo, the date of which has been officially announced by Square Enix!

Revealed in Famitsu earlier this week, players will get a chance to play the ‘Natsubi’ sampler of Square Enix’s role-playing game on August 11th 2011!

The demo will be released through the official Final Fantasy Type-0 website and the Playstation Network. Remember, If you have a Japanese PSN login, you can download it to your own PSP!

Playing the demo will unlock special ‘summer’ clothing for your characters, content that will carry over to the full game. The demo is a duplicate of the sampler seen on display at the Square Enix event in Odaiba. The downloadble version is said to have some adjustments, however, no announcements have been made on the subject.

Although no announcement has been made on a release outside of Japan, a downloadable and “overseas” version are reportedly being investigated. We may indeed see an international release for Final Fantasy Type-0!

Not familiar with this game? Check out the official Japanese trailer!

Or take a look at the summer clothing, character renders and screenshots!