Street Fighter X Tekken Characters List

43+ Street Fighter X Tekken characters will be featured in the cast for this interesting crossover that mixes two of the greatest fighting game franchises of all time. Namco’s Tekken and Capcom’s Street Fighter!

Street Fighter x Tekken makes history as fighters from these two bastions of the fighting genre come together for the very first time on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 on March 6th, 2012. PC in May 2012 and PlayStation Vita in Fall 2012.

NOTE: We have a guide about how to unlock the Street Fighter X Tekken secret characters.

Utilizing the same 2D viewpoint and technology that powered Street Fighter IV, this game allows for Tekken characters such as Kazuya Mishima and Nina Williams to make the transition into the Street Fighter universe having been re-imagined using Capcom’s much-loved art style. Their looks may be different, but these characters have retained their own unique characteristics and signature moves as they go head-to-head with classic brawlers from the Street Fighter franchise in what promises to be an explosive match up.

Confirmed Characters in Street Fighter x Tekken:

Street Fighter Side

  1. Abel
  2. Akuma (secret / boss character)
  3. Balrog
  4. Cammy White
  5. Chun-Li
  6. Dhalsim
  7. Guile
  8. Hugo
  9. Ibuki
  10. Juri
  11. Ken Masters
  12. M. Bison
  13. Poison
  14. Ryu
  15. Rolento
  16. Rufus
  17. Sagat
  18. Vega
  19. Zangief

Tekken Side

  1. Asuka Kazama
  2. Bob
  3. Craig Marduk
  4. Heihachi Mishima
  5. Hwoarang
  6. Emile (Lili)
  7. Jin Kazama
  8. Julia Chang
  9. Kazuya Mishima
  10. King
  11. Kuma
  12. Ling Xiaoyu
  13. Marshall Law
  14. Nina Williams
  15. Ogre (secret / boss character)
  16. Paul Phoenix
  17. Raven
  18. Steve Fox
  19. Yoshimitsu

PlayStation 3 & Vita Exclusives

  1. Cole MacGrath (from the InFamous games)
  2. Kuro (Toro’s cartoon neighbour)
  3. Pac-Man
  4. Mega Man
  5. Toro (Sony’s mascot in Japan, a cat who wants to be human)

Xbox 360 Exclusives
Capcom’s Senior Vice-President, Christian Svensson, has said that in the past Xbox 360-exclusive contents existed. He added that for Xbox 360 fans Capcom “spread the love around from time to time.”

Street Fighter Side Future Console DLC (first on PS Vita/PC)

  1. Blanka
  2. Cody Travers
  3. Dudley
  4. Elena
  5. Guy
  6. Sakura Kasugano

Tekken Side Future Console DLC (first on PS Vita/PC)

  1. Alisa Boskonovich
  2. Bryan Fury
  3. Christie Monteiro
  4. Jack
  5. Lars Alexandersson
  6. Lei Wulong

Rumored Future Downloadable Characters

  1. Christie
  2. Guy
  3. Leo

This gallery will show screenshots and artwork for Street Fighter x Tekken characters:

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Street Fighter X Tekken Gamescom trailer reveals Ibuki, Kuma, Hugo & Raven.

January characters update: Balrog, Vega, Juri join Paul, Law and Xiaoyu in Street Fighter X Tekken.

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