Budget Gaming Tips: Flea Markets & Car Boot Sales!

Hello everyone and welcome to VGB’s new budget gaming feature with Meg!

Now in this video series we will be going through some personal tips and tricks for saving money on videogames, and/or personal recommendations on deals and stores!

Make sure you submit your own, so we can feature your suggestions in future videos!

In this budget gaming video, I’m talking about flea markets, car boot sales and yard sales. Check it out!

You can find some really great games from all generations of consoles for dirt-cheap in these sales!

But my tip for today is double check before purchasing a game from a car boot sale. Unlike CEX or other used traders you cannot guarantee that you’re buying a damage free product.
I highly recommend that, before you buy a game on disk especially, double-check the condition before purchasing or ask the seller to show it to you! Most of the time they are in great condition, but it’s better to be safe than sorry!

So have you picked up any amazing finds from car boot sales? Have you had good or bad experiences? Please leave your comments and suggestions below!

In the next Budget gaming video I’ll be talk about Internet sites that I (and some of you) have recommended!