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How To Get Multiplayer Griffin Character:

You can easily get your grubby mitts on the grubbiest multiplayer character of all. Get Griffin (Voiced by Ice T!) by simply “like”-ing the official Gears of War 3 Facebook page, after which point fans will be given a multiplayer code for the character.

He’ll be freely given to the Facebook community without having to enter the code on September 20th, but if you want him now ahead of the official release, then get to liking on Facebook.

Ice-T joins Kevin Pereira and Epic’s Cliff Bleszinski at E3 2011 for the inside scoop on Griffin, his character in Gears of War 3 and how he became a part of the game. Watch the reveal here:

Unlockable Weapons:

* The Gold Lancer and Hammerburst have been confirmed for a return in Gears of War 3. Players with the Veteran Gear achievement from Gears of War 2 will earn an in-game Old Guard medal and call sign as well as gold variants of all five starting weapons. That also includes the golden Gnasher shotgun. A very nice extra, as it’s an exclusive to Veteran Gear players.

* Chrome weapon skins for all five starting weapons are unlockable by playing the Xbox 360 or PC version of Gears of War and Gears of War 2.

* If you bought the Bulletstorm Epic Edition, you’ll unlock an exclusive Flaming Hammerburst to play with in Gears of War 3.

* Let’s hope you held on to your Gears of War 3 Beta save file, because if you completed 90 matches in any game type & earned 100 kills with it in the Beta, you’ll unlock the Golden Retro Lancer for use in the full game.

Unlockable Multiplayer Characters:


* Samantha Byrne – Reach level 4.
* Dizzy Wallin – Reach level 7.
* Jace Stratton – Reach level 10.
* Clayton Carmine – Reach level 14.
* Classic Dom – Reach level 17.
* Classic Cole – Reach level 23.
* Classic Baird – Reach level 30.
* Benjamin Carmine – Reach level 34.
* Civilian Anya – Reach level 45.
* Colonel Hoffman – Reach level 50.
* Anthony Carmine – Reach level 75.
* Classic Marcus – Get the silver Veteran medal.
* Superstar Cole – Get the gold MVP medal.
* Golden Gear – Get the bronze War Supporter medal.
* Chairman Prescott – Earn the silver Allfathers medal.
* Unarmored Marcus – Finish the Gears of War 3 campaign.
* Aaron Griffin (AKA Ice-T) – Earn the onyx Big Money medal.
* Cole Train – Played 100 matches in the Gears of War 3 beta.
* Adam Fenix – DLC included with the Collector’s Editions of Gears of War 3.


* Locust Miner – Reach level 3.
* Beast Rider – Reach level 5.
* Locust Hunter – Reach level 8.
* Theron Guard – Reach level 12.
* Locust Spotter – Reach level 20.
* Flame Grenadier – Reach level 26.
* Locust Grenadier – Reach level 39.
* Locust Hunter Elite – Reach level 60.
* Golden Miner – Get the gold Rifleman medal.
* Locust Golden Hunter – Get the gold Master-at-Arms medal.
* Locust Sniper – Get the bronze Headshot medal.
* Locust Kantus – Get the gold Medic medal.
* Savage Theron Guard – Get the Onyx I’m a Beast medal.

Secret Codes for Real-World & Digital Items:

Codes have been hidden all over the internet, in a promotion that allows you to get unique digital and real-world items. Once you’ve found these multi-use codes, you can enter them on to receive the items. The first two items so far are real-world items, but digital items are said to follow later on.

Cole Train 3D Poster [US]: A68GCEQZMFBK
Cole Train 3D Poster [CA]: 6J8ANRPMXW7T
Cole Train 3D Poster [GB]: 94WTFUCPE7DN
Cole Train 3D Poster [MX]: H3NF9EPRU4DY

Locust Drone 3D Poster [US]: GTA7EHJQK2Z6
Locust Drone 3D Poster [CA]: Z7JQVND2E3GH
Locust Drone 3D Poster [CA(FR)]: Y9TB3CMAQD9E
Locust Drone 3D Poster [GB]: 2JEPVQX9WNF9
Locust Drone 3D Poster [AU]: XPEUQMNGC838
Locust Drone 3D Poster [NZ]: Q7Z2CVR7YHDK
Locust Drone 3D Poster [MX]: TX47JAERUZC6
Locust Drone 3D Poster [ES]: 67NAQCKYBFP9
Locust Drone 3D Poster [FR]: 27BZEJCUMN4A
Locust Drone 3D Poster [IT]: YGAXTQJ34N4Z

COG Locker Wallpaper [US]: Y6MJCGZA8N7V
COG Locker Wallpaper [CA]: AFN8GUZP77RJ
COG Locker Wallpaper [CA(FR)]: WR83HB7FMYGJ
COG Locker Wallpaper [GB]: KUVAJPD633TE
COG Locker Wallpaper [AU]: 8FPCQG2Z4XNY
COG Locker Wallpaper [NZ]: W98G9AZJDHXE
COG Locker Wallpaper [MX]: KPFD6G3CVEX9
COG Locker Wallpaper [IT]: YGB2TC6MNRH3
COG Locker Wallpaper [FR]: 27C6JREXUMHB
COG Locker Wallpaper [ES]: EVF766PUWBJH

Gears 3 Messenger Icons [US]: Q94RGYWVXE8T
Gears 3 Messenger Icons [CA]: 9DUXJKW8ZN9R
Gears 3 Messenger Icons [CA(FR)]: 3FUWN8ZHR6BA
Gears 3 Messenger Icons [GB]: G4ERZNAH74QM
Gears 3 Messenger Icons [AU]: J2PDB6GYCAT7
Gears 3 Messenger Icons [NZ]: XY8N49VMHGWT
Gears 3 Messenger Icons [ES]: 97UFJ7XHZPKN
Gears 3 Messenger Icons [MX]: VZEH3C8NRXY7
Gears 3 Messenger Icons [FR]: 27BTXCZP2VYD
Gears 3 Messenger Icons [IT]: YGAVP8XH4DC9

Submarine Vehicle Certificate [US]: 2UTHRY4M3CPG
Submarine Vehicle Certificate [CA]: 84PCA8YTXKUE
Submarine Vehicle Certificate [CA(FR)]: GCY6N7ZVH9RF
Submarine Vehicle Certificate [GB]: 2M3EUNFA9BXG
Submarine Vehicle Certificate [AU]: HVMQW436ARUF
Submarine Vehicle Certificate [NZ]: WCHD29EUKMQ6
Submarine Vehicle Certificate [MX]: WP2J8YEHG9FC
Submarine Vehicle Certificate [ES]: GZHJVACU34Q6
Submarine Vehicle Certificate [FR]: 27CBAJVTQW2F
Submarine Vehicle Certificate [IT]: YGB6QDUJX4P9

Carmine’s Tattoo Pattern: 8DWBA9ZTEJ7V

Silverback Schematic Poster: EZ3QHYFK4D8V

Hanover Cougars Iron-On: QYXCKFB9E4J2

Anya Stroud Papercraft: ATX3GVND86JC

Gnasher Weapon Certificate [US]: ONE TIME USE ONLY VIA E-MAIL
Gnasher Weapon Certificate [CA]: ONE TIME USE ONLY VIA E-MAIL

Berserker Target Poster: TR3FQ7WHUJ8Y

Lancer Schematic Poster: F9JZ47PNRBHU

Hammer of Dawn Weapon Certificate: 64QZRJ8HKXVU

Locust Drone Papercraft [US]: DQXB348MVCPF

Locust Papercraft: CN8PAFJRB6T9

Marcus’ Tattoo Pattern: 798VJTUNKFAD

Marcus Tattoo Sheet: EJ9WC4GFM3AB

OG Slick Poster Graffiti 1 [US]: R8YDX2G4TKPN
OG Slick Poster Graffiti 1 [ES]: YENR9XPCF2H7
OG Slick Poster Graffiti 1 [MX]: BUNWP6K8EF2Q
OG Slick Poster Graffiti 1 [IT]: YGAW84H2JEZK
OG Slick Poster Graffiti 1 [FR]: 27BZAJUGYPX9
OG Slick Poster Graffiti 1 [DE]: P6DJXBT2VCW2

OG Slick Wallpaper Graffiti 1 [CA]: JX64HCZKDY9A
OG Slick Wallpaper Graffiti 1 [CA(FR)]: 33VMKARF7ZHB
OG Slick Wallpaper Graffiti 1 [GB]: 9WBTDCJ3GX2R
OG Slick Wallpaper Graffiti 1 [AU]: HK2P84MAUZEC
OG Slick Wallpaper Graffiti 1 [NZ]: E7JRQKBHCG46

Gears 3 Folder Icon Set: YGMRKEC289ZF

Dom’s Tattoo Pattern: PJNQC4H63EFG

King Raven Schematic Poster: 2U8RDMCE7AFG

Dom Santiago Papercraft: 2XQTUM63EWCR

Gears Sticker Sheet: MC8AQ8XJ6YKV

Marcus Fenix Papercraft [US]: 4Z7UYFCWR8GD

Marcus Fenix Papercraft [GB]: QEJCTY6UP86Z

King Raven Vehicle Certificate: 2RDPUYQANC28

OG Slick Wallpaper Graffiti 2 [US]: 8MUDVEX37KYG

Silverback Schematic Wallpaper: 6GWR4T9HBPAN

Jack Schematic Poster [US]: 8JQ4WP7FAZRX

Hanover Cougars Wallpaper [GB]: WYMQNXFG93U7

Clayton Carmine Papercraft: BQ7CVEZ2T8PM

Marcus Fenix 3D Poster: 7UQAWZ3ECYM6

One Shot Tattoo Sheet: PK9E3XDAURG6

How to Unlock Green Weapon Skins

You can unlock Green Weapon Skins via the ongoing “Jack’s Got Game” Jack-In-the-Box promotion. Simply purchase a large drink or large combo at an participating Jack in the Box fastfood restaurant and you’ll be given a code that unlocks the Green Weapons Skins. You can also win the Liquid Green Skin set. If you don’t have a Jack-in-the-Box nearby, you can write them to receive a code. Send your name, residential address, phone, date of birth and email on a 3×5 card to

Jack’s Got Game
Brandmovers, Inc.,
PO Box 94079,
Atlanta, GA, 30377.

All entries must be received by 3:00pm ET, November 6, 2011.

Via the Epic Games forums.

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