Big in Japan: Instant Brain Demo!

The demo from the Cave development team’s first adventure title for the Xbox 360, Instant Brain, will soon be available!

A serial code for the demo will be available in the late September issues of Famitsu Xbox 360 and Gemaga magazine. It is set to include the game’s first chapter to play and offers three to four hours of gameplay!

Cave’s Makoto Asada, well-known for creating shooting games, is attempting his first visual, novel-style video game with this title.

Instant Brain follows main protagonist and playable character Zenya Barataki; a legendary paparazzi photographer, he investigates rumors surrounding a top idol and stumbles onto a dark show business conspiracy.

Not familiar with Instant Brain? Check out the opening movie!

Remember Euro and US gamers! It is unlikely that this title will be released outside of Japan and the Xbox 360 is not a region free console.