King of Fighters XIII Pre-Order Goodie Is Series Soundtrack

Pre-Order King of Fighters XIII and fans will get a MASSIVE reward! A four-disc The King of Fighters series soundtrack!

Atlus generally is really good about rewarding fans, and usually includes goodies like soundtracks in their first print-run of various games (even DS titles, as part of its “Atlus Spoils” program, a way to reward early adopters, their most dedicated fans), but usually you only get one soundtrack.

This time they are going above and beyond by offering this 4-Disc behemoth. The 4-CD Set will feature music from presumably every game in the extremely long-running SNK King of Fighters series, spanning the entire 15+ year history of the franchise.

In order to snag the Soundtrack Set, you will need to pre-order either the Xbox 360 or PS3 versions of the game at participating retailers, including GameStop or Amazon, and the soundtrack will be available “While Supplies Last”.

If you’re fan, be sure to pick this sweet baby up! The King of Fighters XIII will be released on October 25th in America (published by Atlus) and in October as well in Europe (published by Rising Star Games), although an exact date has yet to be set. It is the sequel to the former game, which you can hear about in my King of Fighters XII review.

Here is a video of The King of Fighters XIII in action.