Spotlight On: Balthier & Fran!

In this Episode I will be shedding some light on Final Fantasy XII’s dynamic duo – Balthier & Fran!

Hello everyone and welcome to another ‘Spotlight On’ episode, where I shine the spotlight on the little details of my favorite video games! Today I’ll be talking about Balthier and Fran.

Check out the video here!

The one thing that really stood out to me about Balthier in particular was the ‘leading man’ role he had carved out for himself. I loved his idea of what a leading man was and that throughout the story he never lets that façade slip!


His personality-type could easily be seen as conceited! But Balthier makes no excuses for himself and plays out his ‘role’ without a hint of self-doubt. So, instead, he comes across as a charming man.

Then we have Fran, a more intriguing character. I feel what makes Fran interesting is the way she speaks; her voice alone has a way of drawing you in. Her voice creates an air of mystery and regality and it accompanies Balthier’s romantic attitude perfectly.

I think ultimately though, the relationship between the two is what really makes these characters stand out. From interaction alone we get the impression that Balthier & Fran have been partners for a long time. And much like John Steed and Emma Peel (The Avengers), a romantic relationship could have been present at some point.

The voice acting, animation, and scripting really brings these characters to life. I feel that Balthier and Fran supported the game and made it worthwhile.

So what did you think? Did you like these characters? Did you like the game at all?

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