Firefall Preview

Our Firefall preview is a quick taste of what can be expected from the game. It’s set for a December 2011 ‘free-to-play’ online release.

Red 5 Studio’s new team-based shooter is founded by World of Warcraft’s Mark Kern.
200 years in the future, Firefall is set on Earth. But it isn’t Earth as we know it.
Crystite (a new energy-based resource) is the main source of power.
Overuse of this source however led to the creation of The Melding, an energy storm, with the ability to mutate all life and terrain. The human race has also come under attack by The Chosen (a product of the Melding.)

Players must take on the role of a human survivor in order to take back planet Earth.

The story of Firefall and a new writer are introduced in this developer diary with CEO, Mark Kern (founder of Red 5 Studios and leader of the World of Warcraft team.)

Watch Michael Bross and Boon Sim talk about the sound design and music of Firefall in this developer diary.

Or check out the cinematic trailer here!

Key Features:
Here is a list of key elements that will be available in Red 5 Studio’s Firefall based on news and announcements made so far.

Open-world cooperative campaign
This expansive campaign can be shared with hundreds of players. A competitive multiplayer component is also available where tournaments, leagues and clans will be added to the mix.

Leveling Up and Modules
Players can loot equipment and other goodies to level up their character to aid in battles and combat. Packs or modules can also be used to customize weaponry, and abilities to personalize the character and adjust to the player’s personal play-style.

The Thumper
The Thumper is a mining system that aids an army member in gathering crystite by dropping from orbit or a shuttle. Unfortunately, it also acts as a magnet for all hostile creatures in the vicinity. Players will deal with the Thumper in-game play, though it is unknown at this point how large a role it will actually play in the mechanics.

Divided into classes’ assault, recon and medic, these battleframes are playable in-game. Engineer has also been announced but is not playable (so far as we know) and based on developer statements, more battleframes should be expected.

The Beta is available here at Firefall’s official site!

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