Budget Gaming Tips: Extreme Rewarding!

Hello everyone and welcome to VGB’s new budget gaming feature with Meg!

Now in this video series we will be going through some personal tips and tricks for saving money on videogames, and/or personal recommendations on deals and stores!

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Let’s kick start this series with the ‘Extreme rewarding’ trick – much like extreme couponing!

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Rule number one:

Fed up with a game? Wasn’t as good as you were expecting? Perhaps you got lumped with a game you really didn’t want for Christmas or your birthday? Don’t trade it in straight away! Put it to one side in a ‘hoard-pile’ and keep collecting these dud games till you have three-to-four (or more) in a pile!


Rule number two:

Sign up for reward cards to your local videogame stores! Game, Gamestation, Gamestop, and even CEX have them! They come in really handy and most importantly it doesn’t cost you a thing to get one!
Some cards build points over a certain period of time. But make sure you use them up before they expire! You can also earn extra points and goodies with these reward cards if you pre-order games!

Rule number three:

If you are a student and have some form of student ID – don’t be afraid to use it! Always check first to see if student discounts are available in-store (sometimes stores can be a stingy with their discounts,) and if they are, you can get a pretty good deal using your student card!

Combine all three rules in store when purchasing the game you’ve wanted for what feels like a lifetime!

Trade in the ‘hoard-pile’ of games you were saving for extra points or money off your purchase, combine it with points gained on your rewards card, and present your student ID for an another discount and voila! You get a rather large discount!

Work it right and its extremely rewarding!

Using this trick I bought Heavy Rain on its release date for £20 pounds. Its retail price was £49.95. Impressive no?

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