From Dust Preview

Eric Chahi and Ubisoft Montpellier’s god-game/sandbox title From Dust is hitting Xbox Live Arcade on Wednesday 27th of July, and later on Playstation Network and PC. So here’s some information to wet your appetite before the release!

Initially titled ‘Project Dust,’ From Dust has been generating excitement for quite some time now and with a unique style that is fresh and vibrant, its no surprise!

In this game players must shape and mould the landscape; this in turn directly affects a primitive Tribe that, through the players actions, can be saved and enlightened. But most of all its about manipulating the awesome power of nature, bending it to your whim, in creation and countering destruction.

Check out From Dust’s impressive tech demonstration!

Discover in this developer diary the game universe and its artistic components.

Take a look at the gameplay of From Dust and what’s to come!

To fully immerse yourself in the verse of From Dust, you will experience a world that is as beautiful as it is dangerous. Maintain the tribes of your landscape and watch your creations flourish.
A truly unique ‘god-style’ game, this is a title that is sure to make some waves!

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