Contest: Make Your Own Boxart!

Welcome to the second contest of the new VGB relaunch! This week it is all up to you to redesign the boxart (front cover) of the game of your choice!

What should you do to win?

To enter, please leave your name and your boxart picture in the comment section down below.

You will need to REDESIGN the front cover of the game you would like to win.

You can draw, make a collage, paint or use photoshop, you can do it digitally or on paper it’s all up to you!

For example: Head over to and find your game and enlarge the boxart image by clicking on it. Save the image onto your desktop and open the image in paint or any photo editing program you use. Then you can edit or doodle over your box artwork and enter it into this weeks contest.

To add your image into the contest, head down to the comment section to write about your boxart entry, and then you can click the Image + icon below your written comment to upload your fantastic boxart.

If you have won the contest, you will be able to get your hands on a GAME OF YOUR CHOICE. This game has to be out already, it can not be a game that is coming out next week or next month.

I hope you enjoy the contest!

What are the rules?

Leave one comment per person on this page with your answer. The winner will be chosen when the contest ends 11:59PM PT on Tuesday, July 27th. For legal reasons, if you’re younger than 18 years you need to get permission from a parent or guardian to enter the contest. — The winner will be announced next week, at which point we’ll update this page with the name. Fill out your real email in your comment so we can contact you if you win, note that your email will be invisible to other readers, only the site staff can see it.

Good luck everyone!


After a week and 8 entries later, the lucky who had the best box-art is:

Winner: Travis T !

Congratulations to the winner! You’ll be emailed soon!

Image credit to: Brawlinthefamily