Catherine European Release Date?

Catherine will be released in America on July 26, 2011 for Xbox 360 and PS3. But no specific European release date has been announced beyond “2011”.

Catherine is a very unique romance-focused adventure game that mixes elements of erotica, horror and puzzle gameplay into a strange, weird, odd and insane package that could only come out of Japan.

The game is the first current-generation title from Persona Team, the developers who create the Persona series of horror RPGs.

Deep Silver boss Klemens Kundratitz has confirmed they are teaming up with Atlus to publish Catherine in Europe! He said: “We are very proud to be able to publish Catherine in all PAL territories* [for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360] as a Deep Silver game [sometime in 2011]. Catherine is something new, fresh and exciting; unlike anything else in the gaming world – a unique mixture of genres.”

* Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Asia, and Africa.

You still have a week to order the Catherine special collector’s edition if you live in North America and haven’t done so.

Here is a new trailer for the game showing off the Nightmare puzzle gameplay.

Note: Originally we reported that there were no plans for a European release, but a day later Deep Silver came through for European Atlus game fans. Our original report read:

“Sadly, there is currently no plans for a European release for Catherine, although this is NOT for lack of interest in Europe, it is simply because Capcom has yet to find a European publisher for the title. While there is a chance that a publisher won’t step up and the game won’t be released in Europe, hopefully someone will step up to the plate and it is likely they will.

Atlus explained that, for Europe, Square Enix stepped up to publish Persona 4, and SouthPeak stepped up to publish 3D Dot Game Heroes. With the upcoming Gamescom videogame convention in Europe just around the corner, it’d be an excellent time to finalize a deal for a EU release for Catherine, so we will likely learn of Atlus’ EU plans then.”