Transformers: Dark of the Moon Review

16 July 2011
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Transformers: Dark of the Moon screenshot

Time to review Transformers: Dark of the Moon guys and girls. Big question is: Will it have more punch than previous titles or will it transform into a fancy paper weight? Let’s see shall we.

Developers: High Moon Studios
Publishers: Activision
Engine: Unreal Engine 3
Platforms: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo DS, iOS
Release dates: USA June 14th 2011, EU June 24th 2011, AUS June 29th 2011
Genre: Third-person shooter
Ratings: ESRB: T, PEGI: 12

Transformers: Dark of the Moon is a third-person shooter video game which was first released on June 14, 2011 in North America. The game is a tie-in and prequel to the film of the same name.

The PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game were developed by High Moon Studios who previously developed Transformers: War for Cybertron. While the Wii, Nintendo DS, and Nintendo 3DS versions were developed by Behaviour Interactive. The game features a mode known as “Stealth Force” in which characters only partially transform from their vehicle mode (for cars & airplanes). Weapons protrude from the vehicle mode and more precise controls are available, such as strafing.

It has been three years since Megatron and the Decepticons last threatened the world. Earth’s leaders believe that Megatron has fled the planet in defeat – but Optimus Prime knows better. An alien transmission is intercepted, exposing Megatron’s plan to spread chaos and fear among the humans, and unleash the ultimate Decepticon assassin: Shockwave. The Autobots must hunt Megatron, neutralize Shockwave, and save their new home from total destruction at the hands of the Decepticons.

So let’s see it in action in the awesome video review.

Main game features:

* New Stealth Force for Vehicular Combat – Change the battle and instantly convert to a third, hybrid form that combines the weapons and firepower of robot mode with the agility and maneuverability of vehicle mode.
* The Prequel Experience – Experience the gripping battles and heart-pumping moments that occur before Michael Bay’s upcoming blockbuster film, Transformers: Dark of the Moon.
* Shockwave – Unravel Megantron’s plan to unleash the ultimate Decepticon assassin, Shockwave.
* Play Both Sides – Play both sides as the iconic Autobot and Decepticon Transformers characters.
* Character Classes – Jet, Truck or Car – Choose from three distinct character class chassis and unique weapon loadouts to create your own Transformer character.
* Level Up Your Character – Earn experience points in every match and unlock new character skills and abilities.

Now for the scores:

Graphics: 7

Good clean and it does the job well, if in a somewhat stale fashion. Don’t expect to be blown away here graphically, but don’t think you’ll get stuck with third-rate movie tie-in game graphics, as is usually the case with games like this. Transformers: Dark of the Moon sets a standard for what movie games should be instead of those weak attempts made to match almost any other cinema title.

Gameplay: 7

The new stealth mode tackles any gameplay issues of the previous title and the only thing stopping this amazingly smooth gameplay system from reaching the higher levels of my review scoring ladder is the repetitive nature of the encounters. But in the same way that endless waves of zombies can be entertaining there’s still a ton of fun to be had blowing up every Decepticon in sight. Now throw in some really slick multiplayer option and bang you’ve transformed from slightly dull to good.

Sound: 7

This will be a short piece as I don’t think that many games have awful sound. So reviewing a games sound and music is something I find a little difficult to me it feels like they got the movie studio involved and simply asked for the coolest explosions and transformer sounds and shoved them straight into your game. Brilliant stuff.

Overall Fun Factor: 7

So rounding off the review with an overall 7. Maybe my nostalgia for Transformers allowed me to enjoy the game a bit more than some, but I like to leave all my likes and dislikes at the door when reviewing and bring you guys my opinion. I think that this is a must for fans and just a good fun romp with big guns and cars for everyone else, but great fun none the less.


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