PopCap Nearly Bought By Zynga

PopCap Games was recently bought by EA, but was nearly bought instead by Zynga Games, makers of Farmville and Cityville for Facebook.

Incredibly, PopCap turned down the deal when Zynga offered to buy the company for $1 billion US dollars in CASH. Buying outright with a billion in cash? The mind wobbles.

Zynga ended up walking away after their offer was turned down, and PopCap instead went with Electronic Arts, who offered “only” $650 million plus $100 million in stock outright, but in a unique deal that would see PopCap gaining up to $1.3 billion (gotta have that .3 billion extra, dontchaknow) depending on how much revenue PopCap generates for EA over the coming several years.

If PopCap’s revenue reaches over $343 million during 2012 and 2013, EA will pay PopCap an additional $550 million.

All of this is even more interesting when you consider that Microsoft offered to buy Popcap back in 2002 for a paltry $5 million!

Zynga recently filed to go public, and is best known for their Facebook social networking games, which were so successful the company exploded in growth and worth.

And while PopCap doesn’t yet have most of its games on Facebook (Only Zuma and Bejeweled) that will change very soon, as EA has announced their intentions to bring both Plants vs Zombies and Peggle, alongside Risk Factions and The Sims Social, to Facebook.

Via 1UP