Battlefield 3 Battlelog Info

Battlefield 3‘s Battle Log is similar to Call of Duty Elite for Modern Warfare 3 (who’s beta began today) which brings with it a host of social networking features that will be integrated into the upcoming FPS (it’s all the rage, these days. And why not?! It only makes sense!)

Battlelog was announced at E3 2011 where it was said that it’d allow players to check out detailed statistics, track awards and unlocks of you and others, communicate with other players and whatnot.

The Battlelog tries to emulate that of a real social networking page like Facebook, offering you a news feed (Friends Battle Feed) that shows what all of your friends are talking about, including discussions with each other, forum posts, and notifications alerting you to when your friends have ranked up or earned new items. Additionally there is a friends list and chat system integrated into the Battlelog, allowing you to join with friends who are playing or voice chat.

Statistics tracked include Time Played, Score Per Minute, Accuracy, Kill-to-Death Ratio, Kit Time, Level-Up Progress, Awards, etc. Heatmaps? Probably.

The Battlefield 3 release date is on October 25th, 2011 for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.

Via 1UP