Dragon Age 2: Legacy DLC announced (Xbox 360, PS3, PC). Release date is…

Dragon Age 2: Legacy gameplay screenshot
Dragon Age 2: Legacy downloadable content has been announced for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC by BioWare for release on July 26th at a price point of $10 (800 BioWare/Microsoft Points).

This is the first major new story-based DLC for the highly popular action RPG and BioWare hopes it will help alleviate some of the reasons that certain people were disappointed with Dragon Age 2.

The DLC will be shown off to the public at the upcoming San Diego Comic Con being held July 20-24th in California.

In this new DLC, players will go deeper into the family history behind Hawke, and will particularly focus on Hawke’s father.

All-new areas will, of course, also be on tap including an ancient Gray Warden prison. New enemies will be available to fight and include an enemy encounter that is so powerful it has been kept secret for thousands of years by the Gray Wardens.

Here is a trailer for the new DLC.