Crysis 2 Car Keys Locations Guide (Xbox 360, PS3, PC)

Crysis 2 Car Keys Locations guide screenshot
This Crysis 2 Car Keys Locations Guide will show you exactly where to find all 11 hidden car keys that are spread throughout the levels of Crysis 2.

These secret Car Keys DO count towards getting a 100% completion rating. You cannot earn 100% without finding all 11 Car Keys! However, finding all of the Car Keys DOES NOT earn you an Achievement or Trophy! Be warned!

Finding all of the Car Keys also unlocks a picture of the corresponding car and will let you open and start the cars (natch).

This video shows you where all of the Car Keys are located in Crysis 2.

TIMELINE – Skip to this point in the video to find the exact location of each Car Key.

1. Sudden Impact, 0:07
2. Road Rage, 0:33
3. Lab Rat, 1:02
4. Gate Keepers, 1:37
5. Dead Man Walking, 2:19
6. Seat of Power, 2:44
7. Corporate Collapse, 3:15
8. Train to Catch, 3:37
9. Power Out, 3:59
10. Out of the Ashe, 4:20
11. A Walk in the Park, 4:38

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Big thanks to PowerPyx for the video!